Instant Messaging SDK

Quick implementation of peer-to-peer chats, group chats, and chat rooms with CommsEase APIs, leading delivery success rate and security architecture.

Messaging Communications with High Availability and Reliability

Get the communication experience beyond your expectation

Various message types: text, image, file, and custom messages are supported.

Different types of conversations: Peer-to-peer chats, group chats, and chat rooms.

Platform support: Desktop PC, iOS, Android, Web, mini-program and more.

Highly available and reliable solutions for all your needs

Optimized for high concurrency and allows applications to handle request spikes with ease.

Multiple moderation measures are taken to prevent unwanted content. Proven solutions are deployed for industries with over 1.2 million developers.

Seamless integration using developer-oriented SDKs

Quick integration within 1 day.

Rich features can be tailored for diversified scenarios.

20+ years of business expertise in IM services.

Full-fledged APIs are suitable for different industries.

Affordable and Easy-to-use Messaging Capabilities for Your Application

Message Delivery

Basic and extended messaging features powered by robust and instant delivery channels.

Reliable messaging enables messages to be always delivered.

Session Management

You are allowed to create, delete, and pin sessions and set Do-Not-Disturb.

Admins can invite, mute, and remove participants in chat rooms.

Connections, session status, and participants' behaviors are tracked as required.

Message Management

Message states can be tracked such as resending, forwarding, and recalling.

Audio messages can be recorded or converted from audio to text.

Read receipt and message tracking are also supported.

Multi-device Login

User-defined multi-device login policy.

Up to 10 devices are allowed to log in.

You can configure to invalidate logins among different clients.

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