Instant Messaging
Reliable messaging, Quick integration, Encrypted data transmission, Global reach
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IM - Pro

Basic services

Charged by the peak of DAU in a month

IM - Pro Basic services Monthly charge = service charge + overage charge Monthly service charge: 449 USD (Free 10000 DAU award)
Overage rate: 249 USD/10K DAU (Overage less than 10K is rounded up to 10K DAU)
  • DAU: the number of active users that visit or interact with CommsEase servers in any given day. Business interactions include but not limited to login, reconnection, messaging, group operations, friend operations, and user profile operations. If the same user interacts with CommsEase servers multiple times within a natural day, the DAU increases only by 1. The DAUs of each product (application) are collected separately.
  • Applied DAU: the peak of DAU in the month.

Value-added services

Group capacity 120 USD/month (500 members)
220 USD/month (1,000 members)
360 USD/month (2,000 members)
Chat room 450 USD/month (No limits on the number of chat rooms and participants)
Increase the storage period of message history to 3 years 360 USD/month (free for the first year)